About us!

The International Family Center (Internationales Familienzentrum IFZ) is a registered society and a social and educational provider in different parts of Frankfurt am Main. We enable people from different cultures in our city to come together through our advisory services in the fields of education and integration.

The IFZ is a center created by a Catholic organization. We are a cooperative member of the Caritas Association. The IFZ is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in Germany for people of different origin, religion and culture. Families, children, teenagers and a growing number of senior citizens from all over the world have been coming to our center for almost 30 years. Their questions and needs concern all parts and stages of life. The IFZ provides help in coping with conflicts, illnesses, family problems and difficult situations in life. We provide advisory services in German and numerous other languages according to our motto "We know what to be foreign is like". Our employees are professionals and know a great deal about interculturality either because of their own foreign background or because of their intensive work with migration issues. It is not only important to us that the different departments of IFZ cooperate closely with one another, but it is also one of our special features.
Our funding sources: the municipal authority, different town authorities, the Social Ministries of Hessen, Bistum Limburg and the Employment Agency in Frankfurt.

Our English web site does not cover all of the departments in IFZ, but only those where we provide advisory services in English. These are:

Migration and Family
Intercultural Educational and Family Guidance Office
International Psychosocial Center