Migration and Family - creating intercultural families

We offer advisory services to families and their members in different stages of their lives. We stress upon quality, relevance of our services to the current situation, customer satisfaction, easy accessibility to our center and the interculturality of our customers. We build bridges for people of different cultures who want to live together or for people of different generations, especially for sections of the population that know little about creating a family. In such cases we profit greatly from the good cooperation with our Migration and Educational Guidance Office. We want to be a place of hope, where plans for a meaningful coexistence can be mad

Migration Guidance Office
The Migration Guidance Office offers guidance to all people with a foreign background. Our services are in the following languages: German, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Greek, Spanish and Armenian. We provide information about the new immigration law concerning the following issues:

immigration and employment
legal issues (we offer integration courses)
finding shelter and accommodation
Kindergarten, school, vocational trainings- retirement and health
family and identity conflicts
contacting public authorities such as the Youth Welfare Office, the Social Welfare Office and the Organization for the Maintenance of Public Order
refugee issues
German citizenship
Consultation hours in German without a prior appointment:
Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Intercultural Meeting Center
Main goals of this center are to provide a meeting place for people of different cultures and to support these people in integrating their lives in Frankfurt am Main. We support the coming together of people from different cultures, nationalities and religions and give them the opportunity to further develop their German language skills.

International Family Center (Internationales Familienzentrum e.V.), Migration and Family
Ostendstr. 70
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069/943444-0 (Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm)
Fax: 069 943444 70
E-mail: gusti-gebhardt-haus(at)ifz-ev.de

Meeting Place and Information Service for Elderly Immigrants and Germans
This is an attractive meeting place for elderly people who live in Ostend or other parts of town.
We offer guidance services and information for elderly immigrants and Germans in our Information Office which was established in 2003.

Ostendstrasse 36 (S-Bahn station "Ostendstrasse")
Telephone: 069 43059097
Fax: 069 43059157
E-mail: Aeltere-MigrantInnen-und-Deutsche(at)ifz-ev.de