Fachdienst Kindertagespflege

Who we are:

We have taken over the child daycare department in behalf of the Stadtschulamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main (Public School Department).
Through intensive counseling and supervising of the parents and daycare providers, we want to build a framework to provide them and their children a qualified and reliable daycare opportunity.

Why choose daycare:

  • It is a familiar atmosphere, children in daycare are cared for by only one person, this is especially important for the psychological advancement of children under the of 3 years
  • It is individual with a maximum of five children in a group, the daycare provider can tend more intensively to the individual needs of your child
  • It is flexible
  • Your child can be taken care of in the times you choose, make it possible to better bring your private and professional life in balance

What is daycare?

Daycare is a form of childcare equal and comparable to kindergarten, the both have the legally binding assignment to provide for the education, raising and advancement. This assignment is guaranteed through the intensive schooling and continual education of the daycare providers.
Daycare can take place in either the house of the daycare provider, the parents house or at an appropriate rented location.

Interested? More Information about registering for a childcare place under the heading "parents".